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Painting by numbers A67
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Painting by numbers A67

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Paintings by numbers – create a masterpiece by your own hands.

What is “Paintings by numbers”?

Painting by numbers – an image, that is divided into separate numbered areas and printed on natural cotton canvas. These numbered areas must be painted over with paint, which is marked with the same number. By coloring the painting by numbers, you get a huge amount of positive emotions, relax and completely immerse in the creative process.

By coloring paintings by numbers, you not only increase your creativity, you get an art-therapy session.

Art-therapy – unique method to express emotions and feelings, when words are not enough to give a detailed description. Numbered paintings helps in developing drawing skills, also to spend some time in piece, in the world of colors and beauty.

What are the benefits of painting by numbers?

  • Significantly improves motor skills and the ability to control hand movements.
  • Increasing ability to focus on a particular activity.
  • Helps to express emotions.
  • Helps to reduce hyperactivity or restlessness, because the process of creativity requires attention and concentration, and is able to calm the most active human!

Creativity set “Paintings by numbers” from includes:

  • Canvas, stretched on a wooden strecher, which is divided into numbered areas with a countour image of your drawing;
  • A set of acrylic paints in tughtly closed containers;
  • Set of brushes;
  • Detailed graphic scheme of the picture and instructions;
  • Wall anchorages;
  • Gift package.

Watch a short tutorial on how the coloring process on painting by numbers works: